For everything less-than-ideal in the world, there's as much - if not more - that's staggeringly beautiful. In my travels and the mundane everyday, I try to capture just a bit of this beauty. When I take photos, it's color that fascinates me most. Colour can be a unifying force - the same exquisite hues show up everywhere, whether on a cathedral in one part of the world or a fort in another. But it can also be subjective and transitory - one thing can exist in different colors or switch among them (think sunsets or the ocean).


Because it's so interesting to me, I decided to arranged my photos based on colour rather than geography or theme. If you click on a picture, you'll see the little story or background behind it. 

(All photos courtesy of my trusty old iPhone and my stubbornness about crouching or extending to just about any angle to get the camera to see what I see.)